Top 3 benefits of Vedic Maths

  1. Removes Maths Phobia: Maths fear in students has always been the most common thing we have observed in our daily life whether its with our kids or it was with us. Even we measure a child's intelligence quotient on the basis of maths among all the subjects listed in the progress report. It is generally considered that if a students scores good at maths, he/she will be good in all the subjects. We measure a child's educational ability on the basis of maths. Vedic maths helps those students removing phobia of  maths.

  2. Time Saving: It takes 15 minutes a day practice and then a clear difference can be seen. If a student who does not have vedic maths knowledge attempts calculation through conventional method takes 3 hours to complete maths exam, after completing vedic maths course, student can finish the same exam within 2 or maximum 2 and a half hour. Categorically, vedic maths saves a lot of time than conventional way of executing calculation.

  3. Speed & Accuracy: These sixteen sutras of Vedic Maths increases the speed and accuracy of solving sums. There are few exams wherein calculators are allowed to carry, even those students rechecks the calculation on calculators as there may be a chance if they pressed wrong key which is also an accuracy concern but in vedic maths you need not to depend on a calculating device. It is you who has to apply the sutras/tricks in once and you get the perfect answers. It is indeed a panacea for the students who are preparing for competitive exams as the maths section demands much more speed & accuracy which is why the number of students joining vedic maths has been constantly increasing because of such benefits. 
IIVA - Indian Institute of Vedic Maths and Abacus offers a certification course of Vedic Maths. Interested candidates who are looking for best place to learn Vedic Maths or want to join Vedic Maths teacher training program can visit the website and apply.

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